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The trade volume of China's ceramics export continued to decline
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 382 Times

In the "Hebei Ceramic Glass Association of the Second Council", Chinese ceramics industry association chairman He Tianxiong said, in 2011 the national daily and architectural ceramics, sanitary ceramic output value reached 684900000000 yuan.
He Tianxiong said, in recent years, the rapid development of ceramic industry Chinese. In 2011, the national ceramics production exceeded 30000000000, the output value reached 84900000000 yuan; with the ceramic yield building (tiles) of 9000000000 square meters, sanitary porcelain production 200000000, two product output value reached 600000000000 yuan. In addition, the last China ceramics import and export trade amounted to 12800000000 us dollars. Ceramic art is not included in the national statistical category, but from the association to grasp the situation analysis, the national art ceramic production has reached 5000000000, more than 30000000000 yuan in output value. He Tianxiong thinks, Chinese ceramics production accounted for 70% of global output, ceramics for daily use technical level as the world, automation building ceramic machinery, ceramic, arts features of the three division. He Tianxiong said, China has formed Foshan Guangdong building ceramics production base, Guangdong Chaozhou daily, health, art ceramics production base, Shandong Zibo ceramics production base, Jiangxi Jingdezhen art ceramics production base, Jiangsu Yixing tea, garden ceramics production base. The development of the whole industry has the characteristics of regionalization, specialization of production, products of the same type of aggregation etc..
He Tianxiong said, Chinese ceramics export by the debt crisis and the European Union, Brazil, Mexico and other countries of the anti-dumping investigation double whammy, exports continued to decline. China ceramic industry associations on the one hand is actively coordinating actively responding, fight to win the lawsuit, on one hand, under the guidance of Industry Association, to promote enterprise product transition, development and test of products, expand the domestic market.
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