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The fatal weakness of China Ceramic Industry: "three"
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 317 Times

"The lack of well-known brands, lack of technology R & D and R & D center, lack of timely standard, the standard of innovation." In the recently held 2014 China international ceramics technology equipment and building ceramic sanitary ware products exhibition news conference, Chinese Building Materials Federation President Qiao Longde about the 3 fatal weakness of China Building sanitary ceramics industry.
The industry think, at present China Building sanitary ceramics industry development has entered the third stage, the goal is to "Transcend" to "lead", by 2020 to reach beyond the international advanced level, began to lead the world building sanitary ceramics industry. "The 'beyond' to 'lead', this is our future seven or eight years to achieve the goal, is a full range of in order to achieve this goal." Qiaolong Germany said, review development course, industry realized three major progress, including technology and equipment has improved continuously, the full realization of localization, large-scale, high efficiency; to become the world's first building sanitary ceramics production country in production; the product innovation, ceramic tile thinned, ceramic product function and efficiency of the new breakthrough, achieved multiple one, ceramic sanitary ware products quality and energy saving water has obvious progress.
"We have obvious flaws." After talking about the achievements and progress, Qiao Longde immediately pointed out that with the weak link in building sanitary ceramics industry development issues. First of all, the lack of well-known brands, almost no brand awareness, influential in the world. "Although the amount of export products is the first in the world, but the independent brand exports less than two into. Independent innovation Chinese manufacturing products can be said very little, the strict sense almost no." Second fatal weakness lies in the lack of technical R & D and R & D center. The industry has 1722 building sanitary ceramics enterprises, has 5475 production lines, but the state-level enterprise technology R & D centers only 1. R & D center less than 10% enterprises, but most enterprises R & D center is not a real sense of technology R & D center, but only on the level of research and improvement of productive use of the product. The lack of technical personnel, especially leaders rarely.
"In addition, the lack of raising standards, the standard of innovation and timely in the development of the industry, the lack of macro economic policy support, lack of policy guidance and regulation of the industry development." Qiaolong Germany said, now building sanitary ceramics industry by the state financial support, project support, policy support is relatively small, mostly rely on you own.
Experts in the industry, industrial building sanitary ceramics third stages of development, to focus on 3 key objectives: to improve the technological innovation, technology research and development model innovation; standard innovation, policy innovation; to accelerate the merger and reorganization and energy saving and environmental protection. Take the industry scale, the ceramic tile, now the top 10 enterprises of the output is less than the total amount of 1/10, the degree of industrial concentration is very low. At the national level, a number of ministries are jointly promote the merger and reorganization of work, China Building Materials Federation also in the promotion of the implementation details, mergers and reorganization is an important part of industry development, also is the key to improve the efficiency of the. "In accordance with the standards of the national energy-saving emission reduction and new, building sanitary ceramics production line more than 60% can not be reached." Qiaolong Germany pointed out that, although the new standards have been promulgated a lot of energy saving and emission reduction, but the way of the implementation of the industry also did not find the path. "Energy-saving emission reduction is not shout shout it, little action has no effect, do big action."
Reporters learned, Chinese Building Materials Federation and China building sanitary ceramics association is really making "building sanitary ceramics industry merger and reorganization guidance". At the same time, "the building materials industry to accelerate and promote energy-saving emission reduction implementation plan" has been formulated, including technology, policy, standard and certification assessment agencies in the areas, there are new targets.
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