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Foshan Jian Wei ceramics this year is the first negative export growth
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 328 Times

Guangdong Foshan building sanitary ceramics export growth for 13 years in the year ending record. Recently, the author from the Foshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that, in the first half of this year, Foshan building sanitary ceramics export experience "Waterloo", a 8.23% decline over the same period, appeared a negative growth for the first time since records began in 2000, and after each year to maintain at least two to three percent of the increase.
For this reversal, Chinese Ceramic Industry Association, director of the office of Foshan blue guards think, increasing anti-dumping market, make ceramic export enterprises overwhelmed, many countries just better, was shut sb. various policy. But the anti-dumping effect last year, mostly in the first half of this year appear, hence the embarrassing data.
Reversed: record export growth terminated 13 years
Since this year, due to the impact of multiple factors, ceramics export downturn. According to Foshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau statistics, in January this year ~6 month, the area (the same below) building sanitary ceramics exports 647000000 dollar, drop compared to the same period 8.23%. Building ceramics and sanitary ceramics involving both declined, the larger decline, building ceramics, sanitary ceramics 8.60%, declined slightly.
Surprisingly, this is the Bureau since 2000 recorded data since Foshan building sanitary ceramics, the first negative growth. The author access to data, in recent years, Foshan exports in this area has been maintained at two to three percent of the increase. And last year, exports Foshan building sanitary ceramics still than the previous year growth of 23.25%.
Trend: emerging market exports were down
In the international economic downturn, since last year, emerging markets become the enterprises rescue. However, from this year's statistical data, this situation also quietly with reversal. The first half of the year, in sanitary ceramic products, the main traditional market, to USA, Britain, Canada. Among them, Foshan a larger increase in exports to the EU, a year-on-year growth of 108.81%, while the emerging markets of ASEAN, the Middle East exports fell sharply.
In the building ceramics, the first half of exports in Brazil, USA, Australia ranked in the top three, is big to the American increase, up to 67.25%. However, the emerging markets, the Middle East, South America and other ASEAN declined, which exports to ASEAN's largest decline, reaching 15.56%.
Factorial: effects of antidumping case is the culprit
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