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Supporting the fine for the production of the escort of ceramic industry
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 365 Times

"Asked him what so clear? Is the springhead." The development of ceramic industry cannot do without the ceramic industry supporting product development, technology updates and upgrades. While improving the ceramic supporting industries, can bring strong impetus to the development of ceramic industry, and promote the further development of ceramic industry. Machinery parts, raw materials, color glaze and other products supporting the technology upgrade, upgrading of ceramic products and quality plays a vital role in.
In this session of Guangzhou ceramics industry exhibition, the reporter visited the alumina, Ups power supply, automatic packing machine, refractories and other enterprises, "fine" become the reform and innovation in the direction of ceramic enterprises.
UPS power supply in inkjet real matching field
The exhibition, a special UPS power as the corollary equipment inkjet real exhibition. Compared to previously used in inkjet equipment room, the display of products specifically for ink jet printer and ink-jet real environment design, research and development.
Foshan Xinguang Wang Rui Power Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinguang Wang Rui") but also played "supplier" inkjet real equipment slogan. Xinguang Wang Rui sales director Tian Xiaorong told reporters, "there is no special do inkjet real purification and power supply enterprises, a lot of inkjet equipment enterprise planning early, when the transformer configuration is very small, a lot of equipment voltage electricity more cases will be high." Gold Knight ST series of high-frequency line Xinguang Wang Rui the exhibition, UPS usually specialized inkjet machine, provides the high quality power, instantaneous switching backup power and provide sufficient reserve delay, ensure that the power supply inkjet machine stability.
An ink jet printer prices in general to millions, so to build a better ink jet room environment, to avoid clogging the high-grade equipment nozzle, prolong the service life of ink-jet printer, inkjet real critical purification.
Reporter discovery, Foshan Zhicheng Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhicheng electromechanical") specializes in the production of inkjet real purifying equipment, Zhicheng positive pressure air filter and display, with ultra clean heat recovery fresh air machine, can prevent the dust into the jet room. Zhicheng Electromechanical project manager Ye Zhuolin said, "the use of inkjet machine, to keep the indoor air to outdoor, we use the positive pressure air filter to supply air to the high purity, so that the ink room to clean room precision."
Digital technology provides more accurate service
Today, labor costs are increasingly high, therefore improve the automation level of ceramic equipment is an inevitable trend of mechanical equipment manufacturing industry. While the number of ceramic production and employment at most, the largest part of the cost of the program is the workers sorting and packaging production line at the end of the. Therefore, in order to mechanical work instead of manual labor, the most remarkable is the emergence of automatic packaging line and continued to upgrade.
Guangdong a Ding Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "a tripod Technology") the display update automatic packaging production line and automatic pick brick production line. The booth can see their automatic packaging production line of the slogan: "million cases update".
A tripod Technology Marketing Center Director Chen Zhitian introduced, automatic packaging production line is already four years, this is done by improving and innovating in some key parts. A new automatic packaging production line, using modular design concept, according to the different needs of different functional modules, equipment selection in combination.
The reporter understands, supporting enterprises to enhance the level of automation equipment, the use of digital technology to add more automated function for the equipment, including a tripod Technology "cloud" of concern. Chen Zhitian said, "a tripod Technology of cloud services before in a state secret, it is Fruits fall off when ripe."
It is understood, cloud services mainly from other industry related technology based on the Internet and the realization of. For example, automatic packaging production line sold to Shandong, if some of the procedures, movement problems, go to the scene to repair according to the traditional practice is to send someone, one is not so many people sent to the field, there are two time or cost problems. It can be remote diagnosis and repair through the Internet, through the "cloud" control platform adjustment procedure, solve the problem of software, which increases the efficiency and quality of services. And for not previously installed "cloud" function of the equipment, only need to make the appropriate transformation, establish communication interface, can realize the online diagnosis and maintenance.
The product is fine enhance energy levels
With the raw materials and energy prices continue to rise, green manufacturing, low carbon production is the ceramic industry attention. Wear resistant and refractory materials exhibition hall visit found, these materials are the main environmental protection, and constantly improve the technology, innovative technology, lower manufacturing cost of the materials, products more refined, to further enhance the level of energy saving and environmental protection industry.
High alumina ball as a grinding medium mill, canning mill and other crushing equipment, its hardness, wear-resisting degree directly influence the finishing materials and deep processing. Yama Ichimasahiro alumina products factory and the launch of the superfine grinding ball, the grinding efficiency is higher, reducing the grinding time, significantly improve the output and quality, such as brightness, uniformity, and the loss rate without quartz ball fast, also save the manpower and time cost of adding ball.
Used in kiln refractory materials for energy saving is important kiln, Tianjin NJStar insulating material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the star") shows the nano porous insulating material, manager of Sales Department Huang Changjun introduced to the pole star, "in which the same cold temperature conditions
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