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Ceramic enterprises face cost pressures companies to go automation, intelligent route
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 351 Times

Ceramic is Foshan tradition and advantage industry. Last year, affected by the economic environment, poor sales of ceramic. However, from the end of last year, with the domestic real estate market, Foshan ceramic enterprises "release". The latest data show, a quarter of Foshan ceramic sales growth of 30%, and many enterprises are busy opening new stores, Tui Xinpin. Industry experts remind, ceramics enterprises will face in the future cost rising pressure, enterprises should take the automation, intelligent route.
Data: the first quarter sales rose 30%
Chinese Ceramic Industry Association, director of the office of the blue guard revealed Foshan: last year's peak, the ceramic enterprises open kiln rate up to 70%, but the first quarter of this year, the majority of enterprises in the open kiln rate has reached 100%, Foshan ceramic sales rose 30% in the first quarter. In May through the "five one" before and after the consumption boom, many enterprise products sell well, with sales growth.
At the same time, the reporter noted, the recent hot open new stores, including new enterprises. Recently, many new brands of ceramic enterprises in the Huaxia Ceramic City open exhibition hall. Enterprises have a breath to launch hundreds of new products, enterprise products more breakdown of marriage room, main elements, win the market recognition. At the same time, Foshan mosaic city of Kaesong, mosaic brand from the original 200, increased to 800 now, besides the ceramic, stone, glass and other traditional mosaics, ceramic, sand, shells, wood and other new products or new production methods of the mosaic is pushed to the market. "The enterprise opens Hsintien, pushing new products, prove to have confidence in the market. If individual companies are pushing new products, can be regarded as isolated cases, but we all push, that we are optimistic about the market outlook." Blue guards think.
Marketing: marketing focuses on the interaction
Foshan many ceramic enterprises are moving up the brand enterprises, marketing is more diverse, and special attention to interaction.
Some stores and brands through Micro message, micro-blog etc, the spread of brand and product, attract tourists. The new source shengdebao ceramic recently issued the "together" Holiness Paul MV, earlier enterprises also have China Equestrian Team endorsement, intended to promote with shengdebao characteristic "riding dance" in all the stores to shop, while encouraging consumers to learn dance, dance and upload video to win awards, which strengthen the interaction with the end consumer.
Eagle ceramics President Lin Wei also said, to use music to get closer to consumers, may be released MV, may also be creative enterprises songs, this work is underway. The reporter also noticed, Dongpeng has been pushing the star concert is by the star to sell products.
Observation of ceramic enterprises face the pressure of rising costs to change the coping mode of production
Despite the launch of new products are more, but the homogeneity of the products is still serious, such as the recent enterprise big push "wood" products, is often used in low price strategy. "For a long time, vicious competition Foshan ceramic industry, product homogenization serious, the phenomenon of the low price competition." The personage inside course of study says.
Chinese construction (601668, shares) vice president of sanitary ceramics and Secretary General Miu Bin on the current ceramic enterprises are facing rising labor costs also expressed the view. He introduced, the current ceramic industry engaged in manual labor are 60, 80, after 90 has changed the concept of career, not to do manual labor as their parents, this leads to labor groups will gradually scarce or even disappear, the normal operation of the enterprise for the future challenges of ceramic. He thinks, facing the trend of industrial structure, the low added value must be adjusted, go automation, intelligent route is the only way out, otherwise will be eliminated.
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