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Continuous innovation is the core competitiveness of ceramic enterprises
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 311 Times

The so-called low carbon economy, refers to the concept of sustainable development under the guidance, through technological innovation, system innovation, the industrial transformation, new energy development and other means, as far as possible to reduce energy consumption high carbon coal oil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a form of economic development to achieve economic and social development and ecological environmental protection win-win. For the resources, energy dependent ceramic industry, low carbon emission reduction at present has become a global ceramics industry consensus, in fact, the concept of sustainable development which had come down in one continuous line with the industry has always advocated, and has been since the industrial adjustment, improvement of equipment, product upgrading and advanced technology research and development in the Chinese ceramic industry has never stopped.
To Chinese ceramic machine industry leader Keda, Hengli Thailand for industry representatives, and first-class design excellence performance criteria in the small ceramic machine enterprises in China to rise at the same time, leading ceramic machine industry energy saving trend, also for the Chinese ceramic machine industry overall is famous all over the world to develop a broad market prospects.
Keda Electrical devoted years of research and development with independent intellectual property rights "clean coal gasification system", save the cost of about 30% than conventional fuel. Not long ago, and Foshan city set up to encourage enterprises to independent innovation and energy-saving emission reduction in 2009 economic technology development funds.
The leading enterprise of domestic ceramic presses henglitai, from first to 600 tons of automatic hydraulic press as a starting point, persevere to press into series of products, has been actively developing new projects and new technology of walking in the forefront of the industry. At the end of 2008, Hengli Taishun should the market demand for the introduction of energy-saving wide body press, a collection of henglitai company for more than 20 years R & D and production of press technology and experience, is the representative of domestic energy saving and environmental protection are growing louder and louder background actively adapt to the market environment and the development of energy saving products.
In the aspect of new product development, Guangdong Monalisa appeared in the "sixty anniversary of the founding of the new building materials exhibition" PP plate, Fujian Hua pump TOB sheet, also the first opened the prelude to the ceramic tile thinning. In 2009 the industry standard "technical specification for application of architectural ceramics sheet" and "ceramic plate" national standards have been implemented, but also from the policy angle to the industry transfer ceramic tile thinned has become a trend of information.
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