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Occupation disease harm ceramic industry leading
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 348 Times

Ceramic occupation disease is the development process, the longer the exposure, exposure concentration is higher, the greater the likelihood of disease.
To Foshan porcelain industry as an example: the city since 2002, a total of 31 accidents, occupation poisoning 86 people poisoned, poisoning 6 people; 401 cases of pneumoconiosis pneumoconiosis, the object of observation in 226 cases, 31 cases of death of pneumoconiosis patients. With the ceramic to speed up the process of industrialization and the problems left over by history to accumulate, Foshan city has entered the occupation disease incidence, ceramic occupation disease harm has become one of the outstanding issues of public health. Damage characteristics of ceramic occupation disease manifested as hazards serious and complicated, long accumulation time, and gradually develop from sporadic onset to onset group.
Therefore, many ceramic enterprises to increase investment in science and technology, improve the production process, using non-toxic, low toxic raw materials instead of highly toxic material, enclosed and automated production of toxic work, adopt comprehensive measures, and constantly improve the quality of the workplace environment, develop steadily in the ceramic market. In addition, all levels of government has also launched a pilot health service, the health service into the items of basic public health service, to promote the health level of workers.
Of course, for the ceramic enterprise employees, its establish correct occupation health safety concept is crucial. First of all to pre occupation safety and health aspects of active participation in training, and use the right method, equipment operation procedure and understand their own may be exposed to all kinds of chemical knowledge, known in the workplace, equipment, product packaging, storage, occupation disease harm accident scene prominently occupation health and safety warning signs. The correct and consistent use of personal protective equipment, work in the dust, toxic concentration exceed the standard operating environment, masks, masks and other protective equipment can play a protective role to avoid or reduce the occupation harm. Occupation health examination finally is to seriously unit provides, truthfully and accurately fill in the history of occupation, occupation disease medical history, main symptoms, harm contact history and other content, such as the need to actively cooperate with the review.
Active efforts in policies at all levels and enterprises, workers, can show ceramic production in a healthy outlook, to achieve sustainable development Chinese ceramic industry.
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