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China ceramic industry developed rapidly rising consumer demand
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 584 Times

Thirty years of reform and opening up, China ceramic industry rapid development, has now become the world be worthy of the name of ceramic producing countries, consuming country. Daily ceramic production China production accounted for about 70% of the world, art ceramics production is 65% of the world, building ceramics production also accounted for half of the country the world total output. Ceramic industry has play a decisive role position in the world in building materials industry.
In recent years, ceramic manufacturing from the East and Foshan high-grade ceramic production to the national migration; high quality ceramic enterprises through industry transfer to speed up the industrial regional distribution, at the same time, the migration of high quality building ceramics enterprises has also led to the development of new ceramic producing areas from low-grade to high-grade ceramic production in Tao production promotion. Building ceramics nationwide transfer, expansion, re layout also drive the development of national building ceramics industry.
In the industry market amidst the winds of change, building ceramics enterprises also present the polarization pattern. The market survival of the fittest, some work in the industry enterprises have full assurance of success in economic reform. Domestic ceramics brands such as ceramic tile, Dongpeng FaEnZa, Jin Yitao and other ceramic enterprises in the industry "shuffle" show "lost", to the ceramic industry.
With the increase of the ceramic industry market share, the ceramic enterprises show different core competitiveness in the market. Among the leading brand in FaEnZa ceramic tile ceramic tile is outstanding representative, the walk in front of the industry, leading the fashion trend, product covering decorative glaze porcelain tiles, polished tiles, tiles, wall tiles, square brick thousands of color, variety complete, sales network all over the country all the large center city, more than 2000 sales outlets, products exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other overseas markets, Africa.
At present, there are innumerable tiles, consumers are increasingly high standards. Quality and service the two major "hard" become the key to win the market. FaEnZa tile strict implementation of ISO9001-2004 international quality system certification, ISO14001-2004 environmental management system certification and environmental protection administration "China environmental mark product" certification system, the professional team of high-quality, first-class products and services, strong brand culture is the preferred Jiezhuang designers and consumers.
Nowadays, ceramic tile has become a "rigid demand for home life". It changes people's life quality completely, "beautician" plays a role in modern life. Quality of life, only selected. China Home Furnishing Industry Association solemnly recommend "fashion ceramic tile brand leader" FaEnZa tile, which adopts advanced production equipment and technology standards in Italy, adhering to the "design philosophy, art, beautiful, elegant fashion", improve people's home life taste made outstanding contributions.
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