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Why China's exports of ceramic products at a low price?
The publisher: admin  Release time: 2014-01-09  Browse the number: 378 Times


Although the quality of the products is our customers, reach the standard, but the quality is still uneven phenomenon. Some of our ceramic enterprises unstable product quality, excellent product rate is low. In accordance with the requirements of customers ordering quality standards, the first out of the kiln excellence rate is only about 50% (only 50% can satisfy the customers to deliver superior product quality standards). But the enterprise to take certain measures, through heavy firing after treatment can reach about 80%; or by multiple line (booth), increase the yield, to meet the requirements on time shipment.
We use a lot of resources, energy, invested a lot of manpower, material resources, produce a lot of waste, the exchange is the low price. At the same time, due to the export product prices low, and frequently subjected to anti-dumping sanctions, many countries in the world. Recently, the European Union on China's exports of ceramic products up to 69.7% levy anti-dumping duties, the implementation period to 2016. Prior to this, Argentina, South Korea, Peru and other countries also on China's ceramic products of different tax levy anti-dumping duties. I sometimes contemplate no solution.
We export product prices low, it is conducive to the National People's export destination of life, but the anti-dumping charges. Why don't we improve product export price? Manufacturers afraid to raise prices led to sluggish sales, afraid of losing the market. In fact, merchants and middlemen are low price, so that they can profit. The ceramic export destination countries, made anti-dumping investigations, in order to protect the interests of domestic enterprises. This is a very tangled.
China's ceramic products export prices low, generally speaking, there are several reasons:
1, the domestic ceramic enterprises, market competition is intense, in order to compete for the limited resources of export market, have lower prices, leading the entire industry export products with low price.
2, the majority of enterprises do not brand, visibility, reputation or brand, the brand value is low, low market share. The lack of well-known brands, especially the international well-known brand, led directly to the low price.
The product design level 3, some enterprises, supporting the overall level is low, the quality of glaze surface regularity, poor product quality, resulting in low levels, can only enter the low market, which determines the low price;
4, for many years to do OEM processing, not to control the terminal market, there is no pricing power. According to the economist Professor Lang Xianping 6+1 (chain) theory says, some domestic money earn poor OEM enterprises accounted for industry chain "1", that is in the most low-end profits "production"; and in the whole industry chain profit high-end "6", including: product design, raw material the procurement, storage and transportation, order processing, wholesale, retail, by foreign (company) customers control. That is to say, the foreign (company) customers with big money, hold up and down the industrial chain, control the price of the product.
In some countries, the world's 5 long-standing on China's export products of discriminatory attitudes. Many years ago, foreigners think Chinese products to low-grade products, set up a stall. This is from the subconscious determines your product prices low.
How to improve China's ceramic products price? This is every industry concerns. We should calm down to think. In fact, according to the normal price (pricing) theory, cost (cost + cost + profit = sale) price. But "to determine the price of a product is often not the cost, but its value". To see the importance of value in determining the price.
So, our priority is to strengthen the brand construction, efforts to build brands, enhance the brand value. Second is to improve product design, improve product quality, do a good job matching service, providing a complete range of products. Control from product design to each link to the terminal sales, in the industrial chain of high-end "6 way". Once again, in accordance with the requirements of national ceramic industry "1025" planning, the development of "three since the two" (high value-added, high-tech content, high cultural and artistic, intellectual property rights, the independent brand) enterprises, strengthen technological innovation, with independent intellectual property rights, with the core competitiveness with the products. By that time, our product is possible and capital price.

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