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FCT(Tangshan)Technical Ceramics Industry Co,Ltd.
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Development Process
 FCT(Tangshan)Technical Ceramics Industry Co,Ltd. 

FCT (Tangshan) technology of Ceramic Industrial Co. Ltd., the original (Sino German joint venture) Tang Shanfu Dorset fine technical ceramics Co., Ltd. is the production of recrystallized silicon carbide, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide, reaction sintered silicon carbide, pressureless sintered silicon carbide products professional enterprises, was formally established in May 1, 1996.

In the manufacture of super class, high technology, high quality products as the first pursuit, the main company staff has been a target for this knife fight.

Our company main production equipment used in imported from Germany, including injection molding system, mold manufacturing system. High temperature reaction sintering system. The production of temperature up to 2500 ℃. The production process used in Germany FcT the most advanced technology software. Needed for the production of raw materials are imported from Saint Gobain (SAINT-GOBAIN). In December 1, 2005, my company to expand the scale of production line, the introduction of the world's largest intermediate reaction sintering furnace from Germany, ability has a maximum length of 3.6 meters of the production of recrystallized silicon carbide rod and beam.

In 2008, the company introduced from Germany FCT silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide product technology, to fill the domestic blank of high purity of SiC and Si powder manufacturing high quality ceramic material products as raw material, the product is suitable for ceramic, metallurgical and foundry industry.

As a high technology enterprise current Chinese silicon carbide production, our company owns a group of enterprising, full of vitality of Chinese and foreign business, technical experts, to adapt to market demand product, excellent products, can provide the most excellent service for each enterprise.

Senior technical staff to project our company can according to the characteristics of the optimal design scheme of our experience and R-SIC, NSIC, SISIC, the use of project and to customers to provide the required products free design services, users in the use of fully meet the requirements under the premise, to achieve the best economic benefit. According to the special requirements of users, our company can manufacture special performance products to meet the special conditions of use.

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